Many of you have been awaiting our much-anticipated new show, Never Unarmed, a swash buckling historical fiction about Grace O’Malley, the Irish Pirate Queen’s mysterious meeting with Queen Elizabeth. The show explores gender roles, family dynamics and the historical conflict between England and Ireland. It is a massive project requiring ships and sails, pirates and historical props, the imaginative jumping of continents and a wild ride through emotion and adventure.

Most of 2011-12 was spent in preparation for this powerful show, and the donations many of you made earlier this year helped us to make great strides toward our goals. While this show was originally slated to be brought to you in June of this year, unforeseen circumstances made us change our plans. With a rigger hired from New York, a director and fight choreographer coming from San Francisco, and with publicity material purchased, it became clear to me that with my 91 year old mothers advance into the deeper stages of Alzheimer’s, it is impossible for me to produce this piece the way it deserves to be produced. This is an incredibly difficult and stressful time for me as the sole caretaker of my mother, and I simply cannot devote the time and energy that this project requires. We, as a company, made the only decision that we felt was right – we would postpone the show. At this point, I do not know when we will be able to mount the production.

The South Camden Theater was very helpful with rescheduling and is willing to take us on whenever we are ready. Ray Croce Jr. from New York, Kathryn Wood and Andrea Webber from San Francisco have maintained their continued loyalty to the project and are willing to postpone as well. This generosity of spirit from my collaborators has given me confidence that this is not the demise of a dream, merely a postponement as reality takes precedence for the time being.

With help from you, our loyal supporters, we can continue on the path toward presenting this show and reach the goals we have set for this amazing project. With this show we celebrate life, resilience, and our determination to bring thought-provoking, quality theater to a diverse audience. We celebrate our commitment to our art and our eager return to the production of Never Unarmed. Finally, we celebrate you, who help to make our work possible.

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