Mission Statement

Mission Statement
Chameleon Theatre Company is a Philadelphia-based company producing theatre from a woman’s perspective, especially plays dealing with issues such as gender, sexuality, feminism, ageism and violence.  We tell stories from underrepresented social and political perspectives and about lesser-known female historical figures whose achievements deserve a wider audience.  Chameleon performs new work and Philadelphia premieres and pursues production opportunities nationally and internationally.

2 Responses to Mission Statement

  1. Elizabeth Michaels says:

    finally, a theatre producing shows from a woman’s perspective! Will they be specifically shows about women and with mainly women cast in them? I wish y’all much luck with your upcoming show, it sounds like a lot of fun and very different!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Elizabeth – Thanks for commenting. Yes, Chameleon does plays by and about women so you can expect terrific roles for women, not just as ingenues and moms. Chameleon will expand the opportunities for women actors in the area however we have no rules regarding female/male cast ratio and gender itself is likely to be fluid and/or under examination in the plays we choose anyway. We’re inclusive and collaborative while being focused on women’s stories – for example, next up after Never Unarmed will be the NY premiere of Lucky Girl, my adaptation of Frances Dricoll’s The Rape Poems. Then maybe a transgender play from Australia … stay tuned!
    Thanks again,

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