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Show Postponed till June 2013.
Please see letter from Chameleon for details.

By Lee Kiszonas
Directed by Kathryn Wood

Waterfront South Theatre
400 Jasper Street
Camden, NJ 08104

Directions here.

Fact: It’s 1593. The Spanish Armada has failed to take England, France’s new king is being lured as an ally of Rome, pirates roam the seas pillaging Spanish South American spoil, Britain is enveloping Ireland. And yet Britain’s virgin Protestant Queen takes the time to meet a rebellious female Irish Catholic pirate and give her a handkerchief. Why?

What if: The pirate is Grace O’Malley, aka “the sea queen of Connaught,” who at the age of 63 still pillages the Irish Sea and the English Channel? And what if Grace has captured the Queen’s trusted maid to trade for the life of her son? And what if Grace has more to trade than just the girl?

Chameleon introduces itself to Philadelphia with the world premiere of Lee Kiszonas’s thrilling play Never Unarmed, historical fiction inspired by the meeting between the Irish pirate Grace O’Malley and Britain’s Queen Elizabeth in 1593. This show has all the swashbuckling, surround-sound piratry you could want – swordfights, political intrigue, family in-fighting, betrayal, brutality and passion, including an illicit high-seas love affair. Thematically it uses an historical event to examine ongoing issues of ageism, sexism, homophobia, colonialism and freedom-fighting. Never Unarmed is a pirate story for adults who like their women strong and well-arrrmed!
Not for children: nudity, profanity and adult situations.

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