The Babe Auction

THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT SUCH A SMASH SUCCESS! Thank You donators, bands and babes!


Wednesday, April 4, 7:00-11:00pm
at World Cafe Live
3025 Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA  19104


A benefit for the world premiere production of Never Unarmed. Music by Meghan Cary, The Absinthe Drinkers, The Molly Blooms & a special guest.

Help raise a pirate’s ransom for weapons, costumes & props and to build a flexible set that transforms from a throne room to a ship deck, complete with mast, rigging and sails!

Captain Hook (aka Chris Melohn) is your MC, Head Auctioneer and Chief Bottle Washer.
Hook will auction off dates with the scurvy knaves and disreputable dames of Chameleon
at various dive bars, roach cafés and semi-legal sporting events in Philadelphia, along
with the loot we liberated from corporate raiders plying the seas from Philly to Lisbon.
The bidding for all the goodies, services, tickets and date nights starts online here!
Check back often as we add more loot to the treasure chest.  Final bidding is at The Babe Auction so if you can’t make it to the benefit and you really want those Inis Nua tix, you’d better bid high.  And, yes, you can take your babe or you can take our Babe, as long as you don’t mind babes who might be missing a few teeth and who are never unarrrmed!

The Babe Auction:  Even more fun than pillaging the Brits!    Arrr!

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